As many people who live here in Prague also speak English, here I decided to post some articles in this language. I hope it will give you all the information you need to decide if Wing Tsun Kung Fu is the martial art and self-defense system that will be a great match for you.

So without any further of due, here are some articles:

What Is Wing Tsun Kung Fu?
Learn all about this amazing Chinese martial art that many regards as a street-fighting Kung Fu system. There are many myths and misconception about this form of self-defense and I hope you will see the difference between any traditional martial arts and this forward moving system that is based not on a techniques, but concepts that should work no matter what technique you will be using.

Is Wing Tzun Kun Fu Traditional?
Many say that Wing Tsun (wing chun) is not traditional martial arts, but wake-up guys. We do not live in the past. Here is an article from my friend Zsolt Boka – an EBMAS NYC instructor. I kinda like his view on the term of what traditional art really mean…

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